The World, the Purpose, and You

“…To live your life purpose
think greater
than yourself.
Think higher
than your thoughts.
Think deeper
than your words,
and wait,
for your purpose to be shown…”

-Jennifer Maulin


So, Here I Am
The Author

And then there’s you– our community of young writers and readers

Here’s what I think should be elaborated on in terms of Purpose for the two of us here: Synthesize this syllabus of a blog.
Make this a personal road-map..that just maybe will be the same for you.
To give myself a chance to ask questions about class elements I don’t understand.
What are my expectations in terms of adding to my knowledge base and writing skills?

I initially decided to take this class because it is required by my English major. However, I am extremely intrigued by the idea of experiencing literature through cultures. Hopefully, this class will help me hone in on my literary perspective taking and broaden what may be a narrow sense of perspective when I approach something from a specific scope or lens in writing. I believe that it will be up to me how this course affects my worldview and perceptions. Because of this, I must enter everyday with an open mind and open heart. I believe that this class will help me engage those skills and understand how to read and experience diverse cultures rather than read about them. Furthermore, I believe this class will allow me to cultivate an agency of social change and progression– enable me to engender sentience and deep compassion and thirst for knowledge that others of differing backgrounds than me may possess.

A list of specific techniques I’d like to explore, experiment with, and work at.

Cultural analysis
Blog writing and poetic connection
Sharing and melding ideas with other writers– snap shots!
Expanding my social media presence through literary work
Public speaking and receiving feedback

5 of my identities:

These appear in no particular order…

1). I am from the middle class– clean, semi-rural neighborhood with green grass.
2). I consider myself a female. The feminist gender symbol for female is what I think of for this identity.
3). I am white, and the first symbol I think of is the matrix of domination that I learned about in IES 102
4). I identify as Christian, so the symbol I choose for this identity is the Cross
5). I see myself as a future educator. For this, I see an English classroom with a diverse group of students in it.


And here we go.


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